• Reinsurance Program Design
• Conventional Reinsurance
• Insurance Linked Securities
• Cat Bonds
• Investment
• Fronting arrangements

We have significant experience and expertise in designing tailor made solutions for insurance companies in various countries. We design programs that provide for the most cost effective coverage for your insurance needs, taking into account the capital available and your appetite for risk. We are able to assist in financing capital if required.

We provide independent and unbiased advice on the potential program and coordinate the consultants needed to perform the analysis

Our operation has been developed to specifically serve all the needs of the international insurance market. We have brought together a group of professionals to form a team which can support all the day-to-day operations of our clients in the areas of accounting, investment, administration, underwriting and claims. These specialist skills are made available to each of our clients and can be utilized as and when required.

Whilst the primary ongoing responsibility will inevitably be of an accounting and administrative nature, we believe that the availability of our expertise and experience is an important consideration in selecting a manager.

We tailor financial reporting to meet clients’ needs, understanding that each client has different reporting requirements. There is no standard package to fit all.

Senior management is always available to discuss and provide independent and unbiased advice on all aspects of the insurance program including.